Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Why so blue?

I was looking through my (very small) make-up collection and I realised that I have quite a lot of blue make-up and considering that I rarely wear blue make-up this is a little odd. However, most of these are very cheap products that I bought for fun.

So we have from left to right:
Gosh Trio 10 Ocean Drive: the blue colour is lighter than it is on the picture
Gosh Quattro 53 Aloha
Blue nail polish that for some reason I took the label off, don't know why I did it, but I do know that it's from the US
Nail paints by Barry M in 292 Navy
Nail polish colour called Sea Breeze, but I can't remember what brand it is and it doesn't say on the bottle, it was very cheap and came with three other colours and I got it in Debenhams.
Opia liquid eyeliner (glitter) which I got in Primark because it was so cheap
Gosh extreme art eyeliner number 10: impossible to remove without a huge deal of effort (though I find it's easier to remove if I apply black eyeliner under it)
Neon Blue eyeliner: the same brand as the Sea Breeze polish, from Debenhams, it was really cheap and as a result, totally crap :)

Swatches of the shadows and liners:

So most of these are cheap (and low quality) but I do sometimes use them...when I remember.

That's all folks :)

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Gosh haul

So I went to the Gosh event today (which turned out wasn't really an event at all and there was hardly anyone there) and this is what I got.

Nail lacquer 044 Snow and 60 Lambada

Velvet Touch lipstick in 134 Darling

About a week ago I got a couple of other things from Gosh that I'd post as well

Quattro eyeshadow in Q53 Aloha and

Waterproof eyeshadow stick Champagne

I also got L'oréal gentle eye make-up remover.


Velvet Touch lipstick in 134 Darling and Nail lacquer 044 Snow and 60 Lambada

Me wearing the Darling lipstick (please ignore my hand, I have no idea what it's doing there).

Quattro eyeshadow in Q53 Aloha and Waterproof eyeshadow stick Champagne

Swatches of the Aloha Quattro and the eyeshadow stick

L'oréal gentle eye make-up remover

I had heard so many good things about the Darling lipstick from Lollipop26's Blog that I just had to buy it, and to be honest I was a little disappointed at first. It looked lovely in the container and when I swatched it, but when I put it on I didn't really like it at first. I love the feel of it, it feels really smooth and moisturising, but it was a little to glossy for my taste. However after blotting it on a tissue the glossiness went away and now I really like it and am happy that I got it.

The reason for picking the Aloha Quattro eyeshadow over the Tucan one was that I had seen a look that Natalya posted on her blog featuring an orange eyeshadow on the lid and a light green under the eye and it made me crave for an orange eyeshadow which the Aloha palette has.

All in all I am a happy bunny. :)

Why not to tweeze your eyebrows at night

I have a very good question for you. Why should you not tweeze your eyebrows in the middle of the night.


Because you might end up with totally uneven and horrible eyebrows, which I'm not even going to show you, to spare you the horror. I was so tired that I ended up tweezing too far in on my right eyebrow and I now look like I'm psychopathic. Not a good look. All I can say is that I am thankful to have a fringe that comes right over my forehead so that no one but me can see my horrible eyebrows. Of course, this wouldn't be a big problem for someone who owned eyebrow pencils, but I never really had a need for them before...I guess I have now learned that you shouldn't only buy things 'cause you need them!
Anyone know how long it takes for eyebrows to grow back?

I'm going to a Gosh event tomorrow, so I'll post pictures of what I get from there :)