Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Why so blue?

I was looking through my (very small) make-up collection and I realised that I have quite a lot of blue make-up and considering that I rarely wear blue make-up this is a little odd. However, most of these are very cheap products that I bought for fun.

So we have from left to right:
Gosh Trio 10 Ocean Drive: the blue colour is lighter than it is on the picture
Gosh Quattro 53 Aloha
Blue nail polish that for some reason I took the label off, don't know why I did it, but I do know that it's from the US
Nail paints by Barry M in 292 Navy
Nail polish colour called Sea Breeze, but I can't remember what brand it is and it doesn't say on the bottle, it was very cheap and came with three other colours and I got it in Debenhams.
Opia liquid eyeliner (glitter) which I got in Primark because it was so cheap
Gosh extreme art eyeliner number 10: impossible to remove without a huge deal of effort (though I find it's easier to remove if I apply black eyeliner under it)
Neon Blue eyeliner: the same brand as the Sea Breeze polish, from Debenhams, it was really cheap and as a result, totally crap :)

Swatches of the shadows and liners:

So most of these are cheap (and low quality) but I do sometimes use them...when I remember.

That's all folks :)

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Crissy said...

My collection started out with mostly blues and pinks. Those I didn't wear haha. XD

I love the liner swatches :D