Tuesday, 2 June 2009

What's for dinner tonight?

Okay, so this is not actually make-up related, but I was cooking dinner tonight and surprisingly I did not mess anything up! I have amazing skills at doing weird things to food. :)
I decided to post a couple of pictures of what I made:

This is the Mauritian Prawn Curry from Nigella Lawson's Forever Summer cookbook (it's summer!), except I made it with haddock instead of prawns, because the shop didn't have any nice prawns :( Oh, I hadn't actually added the fish in at this point, but I forgot to take a picture when I had.

For desert I made an Easy Cherry Tartufo, which is an Italian ice cream dessert. The link to the recipe is HERE if you are interested. Really simple and really good. :) I especially loved the recipe because you can use any ice cream and/or fruit, whatever you have on hand.

That was it, I made rice to go with the curry and a simple salad.

Let me know if you liked this post, I could post more random things in the future if you'd like me to.

I'm having an MRI scan tomorrow and will sadly not be able to wear any make-up. But I will be going shopping afterwards and might buy clothes and/or make-up, I'll show you what I bought tomorrow :)

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Narita said...

Wow! The ice cream desert looks so yummy! I'm def getting the recipe. Thanks for sharing!