Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Yesterday I watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. All the kids are so cute! Haha, I'm watching HP and the Chamber of Secrets now :) Its been such a long time since I've watched the first ones.

On a completely different note, click here to enter All Things Girly's amazing giveaway including prizes from Sleek, BarryM and Collection 2000. :)

Hope you're all having a good week



Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

ah i watched the first hp the other day, and man, they do look so young! it makes me feel rather old! :)

faith120604 said...

I agree! I watched CoS a few weeks ago and I realized I'd let the details get blurry for me--so I'm on to reading the series again. Oh how I miss the characters when its been too long!

Thanks for the info about All Things Girly's blog. I love finding new and interesting blogs (and a contest isn't bad either!). :)