Saturday, 1 August 2009

Yet another contest!

I keep entering but never winning, oh well c'est la vie. Moving on...

I came across this fabulous contest via this blog and immediately wanted to enter.

It's KonADDICT's give-away featuring the Konad "B" Kit. You get four image plates, three special polishes, a stamper and a scraper!

I have never tried Konad myself, but have watch lots of videos on YouTube and read about it on blogs and have wanted to try it for some time now.
Basically what it is, if you don't already know, is nail art made simple! You get an image plate, apply the special nail polish on the image of choice (and DO use the special nail polish, it's special for a reason), scrape off the excess with your scraper, press down on the image with your stamper, roll it on your nail, and voila! Perfectly decorated nails!

I've had a look at KonADDICT's blog and I really think it's a must for anyone who likes to decorate his/her nails. Not only are the designs wonderful (seriously, I could never do that!) but it is also a great place to get inspiration for your own designs!



konADDICT said...

thanks so much! goood luck!

Miss Odukoya xx said...

Was just on KonADDICT's blog..that is a cool give-away.. I am also having a giveaway that you should totally check out and you never know maybe you might win mine... :)

R.C. said...

Thanks so much for the follow ;)... that IS a great site!!!

Stone puggies :) too cute!!!

The Makeup said...

This is great! Thank you!!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

thanks for the heads up,hun!

i've already fixed it