Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Nails of the Day

First of all, let me just say WOW! I got 20 new followers in three days! I'm so amazed and grateful that you wanted to join my giveaway, I honestly thought I'd be lucky if I got ten entries. So thanks, and keep them coming! I will be adding more prizes I think, it just depends how much money I get paid at the end of the month. :)

On Sunday I decided to try out the Rainbow nail polish from GOSH that I got this weekend and just thought I'd show you what it looks like.
I applied a base coat from OPI, two coats of black nail polish called Black Onyx, also from OPI and one coat of GOSH's Rainbow. I didn't use a top coat because I hate my Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat (it makes the polish peel off the nail, awful!) and I haven't been able to find the OPI top coat I used to have (love). So this is what it looks like, I tried to angle it so you could see both the colours. It goes a bit orangey/yellow when you look straight at it, but then turns green.

Hope you're all well,


Saturday, 19 September 2009

CLOSED! 20 Followers Giveaway!

First off, I'd just like to say thank you to you for taking the time to read my blog, I really appreciate it and because of that I wanted to have a little giveaway.
The winner will be receiving the 'Wisteria' palette from the Dame Edna collection MAC had in December last year. The colours are: Fineshine (L), Wisteria (V) and Divine Night (V). The winner will also be receiving a really cute makeup bag from the Body Shop.

Here is how you can win:
1. Become a follower of my blog.
2. For one entry comment below telling me what products you use for your every day makeup, you don't have to list every single product unless you want to, just say if you use foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, etc.
3. For one additional entry mention this giveaway on your blog (if you have one) and link back to it. Leave me a new comment with the link to your post.

The contest is open internationally and will end three weeks from now, October 9th at 9PM GMT! I will then pick a random winner (using random.org).

If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment below. :)


Gone Shopping...

Today I went shopping for some prizes for my giveaway. It was sooooo hard to find anything! While I was looking I bought myself a couple of things..actually a little more than a couple. I didn't realise how much I'd bought 'till I got home and took a picture.. oh well!

Clockwise from right: Colossal Volum' Express mascara from Maybelline; The Body Shop kabuki brush; GOSH "touch up" concealer no 2; John Freida luxurious volume shampoo and conditioner; GOSH nailpolish in 546: Rainbow, Artdeco eyeshadow duo in shades 90 and 95; The Body Shop bronzing powder no 1.

Swatches: GOSH concealer; the Body Shop bronzer, Artdeco eyeshadows 90 and 95

I repurchased the mascara because I've finished my old one. I really like it, except I'm not too keen on the smell. One coat gives me length and volume, without being too dramatic for school. Two coats gives a more dramatic effect and is perfect for going out in the evenings.

I decided to buy small bottles (50ml) of the John Freida volume shampoo and conditioner because I feel that while my hair is rather thick, it tends to be a little limp sometimes. I haven't used it yet, but it smells fantastic. I'll give a proper review after having used it for a while.

I got the GOSH concealer after having read a post on Zoe's blog and the nailpolish after seeing a video on YouTube a while back (I've forgotten where I saw it). I'll probably post a NOTD post sometime this week showing you what it looks like.

I got The Body Shop bronzer and kabuki because they were 25% off (that's reason enough!) and because, as you can see, I've almost finished my bronzer:

The brush is amazing, so soft and didn't shed when I washed it or anything (do you hear that GOSH?) I'm trying to build up my brush collection and everyone needs a kabuki right? I think that I'll use it for my MSFN.

The eyeshadows were acutally meant to be a prize in the giveaway. I went to MAC and saw that they were having a sale on some products from old collections. I browsed through the stuff, mainly looking at the eyeshadows and found a palette from the Dame Edna collection that I really liked, called Royal Tour, containing the eyeshadows, two purples and one bluey purple. I bought it and it wasn't until I got home that I realized that I had accidentally picked up the Wisteria palette (that'll teach me to read the label!). I can't return it because it was on sale, and I already have similar colours to the ones in the palette. So I thought that instead I'd give it to you guys!
Anyway, back to the Artdeco eyeshadows. I have never heard of this brand before, but I saw that you could buy an empty palette and choose colours to put in them, so I decided on two purples, they don't have names but the numbers are 90 (the lighter one) and 95 (the darker one). The pigmentation is pretty good and they're very soft, so they'll probably be easy to blend. I'm not sure how I'll wear them yet, but when I do I'll post pictures.

I think that's all I got, sorry if this post is a bit all over the place, I have a headache but I wanted to post it now, because I'll be really busy soon.
I'm going to post the giveaway post next, don't miss it!


Monday, 14 September 2009

Monkey Curls & Haulette

I've reached 20 followers! I'm soooo happy and so grateful to the 20 people who take their time to look at my blog, seriously as soon as I see I have a new follower I immediately check who it is and follow them back :)
There will be a giveaway soon, I'll be buying things this week/weekend so expect it sometimes next week.

Last weekend (I think) I picked up a couple of things I thought I'd share with you. I've also included mini-reviews on two of the products.

L-R: Bourjois Anti-Shine Blotting Sheets; The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream; GOSH Soft'n Shine Lipbalm in no 30 Barbie; GOSH Professional Powder Brush

GOSH Soft'n Shine Lip Balm in no 30: Barbie
Without flash

With flash

I got this after borrowing my sister's a couple of weeks ago. I really like it so far, it's not too pink and it feels soft and nourishing on the lips, plus is smells so good! I can't really describe it, it's a very sweet almost marshmallow-y smell. :) I really recommend it.

GOSH Professional Powder Brush

I got this because I was tired of using the same brush for my MSFN, bronzer and blusher. To be honest I'm not really to happy with it. Here's what it says on the packet:

"This brush is rounded and incredibly soft to work with. Ideal for all types of loose and compact powder. 100% natural hair."

First of all, this brush isn't all that soft. It's nowhere near as soft as my Body Shop face and body brush (or whatever it's called) and I've had that for over three years! It feels a bit rough against my skin and doesn't blend all that well, forcing me to use it for my MSFN, which is not what I intended it for when I bought it. The second thing is that it sheds quite a lot. I've only cleansed it once so far, so maybe it will lessen over time, but this is not the quality I was expecting, since I've been happy with all my other GOSH products. Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to go buy a MAC brush, or a second body shop brush!

And now on to the second half of the post.
This weekend was not fun at all! I spent all of Saturday and a bit of Sunday studying chemistry! Not much fun I can tell you. So on Sunday night I decided to pamper myself a little so I had a bath and applied some honey on my face. I also washed my hair, which is something I rarely do in the evenings, I am a strict morning hair washing girl (is that even a word? haha). The reason I never do this is that if I fall asleep with my hair even slightly damp it sticks out at funny angles and stays that way all day, forcing me to wet it again before going out, which rather defeats the point of washing it in the evening anyway. Usually I just sleep with my hair in plaits (braids) but they tend to fall out in the night. So last night I decided to try a very old fashioned way of curling hair over night: rag curling!
What I did is I got an old top which is too small (and has 'monkey business' written on it, hence the title) and cut it into ten strips, about three inches wide and however long the top was. I then proceeded to roll my hair by placing the centre of the rag over a strand of hair (the smaller the strand, the tighter the curls) and rolling upwards to my scalp. I then tied the ends of the rag into a knot and did the same with the rest of my hair. In case you're interested I did five rolls on each side, two on the lower layers and three on the top. I felt like someone from a Jane Austen novel when I was done! I then went to bed and unrolled my hair in the morning.
I thought I'd show you the results:

Sorry if I don't look happy, it was rather early in the morning!

I hadn't expected my hair to turn out so curly!
If any of you have, or are going to try this, I'd love to hear about it or even see pictures!
I couldn't be bothered to put anything in my hair to hold the curls in better, so now they have dropped a bit, but are still pretty curly. Next time I do this, however, I will apply some leave-in conditioner to the ends of my hair because they got a bit dry!

Hope you all had a lovely Monday, I'm off to study for a maths test (how I love to be a student!)


Friday, 4 September 2009

Rave of the Night

Hey guys! Just wanted to do a quick post showing you how I wore my makeup last night. I went to a rave party, but decided not to risk going too rave and looking silly, so I opted on a yellow & black smokey eye. I was pleased with the finished result so I thought I'd share it with you.

I have finally found a good angle for eye pictures! yay!

I'm still getting the hang of taking pictures of the eyes closed, any tips?

I didn't use anything new, but I'll list it anyway.

GOSH Touch up concealer no5
GOSH cover corrector stick no1
L'oreal true match foundation in C1 Rose Ivory
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation in Nude
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium
The Body Shop bronzing powder
The Body Shop cheek bloom in 02 dune pink
MAC Shroom e/s used to highlight

GOSH Eyeshadow Base
GOSH e/s nr 283 (yellow)
MAC e/s in Print
MAC Shroom e/s
GOSH Eye liner pen in black
GOSH Let's Twist eye liner in carbon black
Maybelline Colossal Volum'Express Mascara

And now onto the rave:
I recently bought the e/s base from GOSH and decided last night to really put it to the test. I applied my makeup at about 7PM and then went to a pre-party and then to the rave, which was v. hot and sticky. When I got home at about 1AM and looked at my eye makeup the eyeshadows had NOT MOVED. Seriously, all my other makeup had melted away, but my eyes looked like I'd just done them. I am so happy and this has definitely lessened my longing for Urban Decay Primer Potion (though I do still want it!). Mind, I did use a GOSH e/s on top so maybe it works best with those, I'll try it with MAC e/ss soon.

Hope you'll all have a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mizz Worthy's Heroes & Villains contest entry!

This is my entry for Mizz Worthy's Heroes & Villains contest.

I chose Mystique as my villain, because, having seen all the X-Men films, I have always thought she's pretty cool. She is a shapeshifter, meaning that she can take on the form of any person, and she is also very agile. Her skin is blue (in the film it's covered with symbols, but I'm not sure about the comics), her hair is fiery red hair and her eyes are yellow.
I drew my inspiration from her skin and eyes, I didn't use red at all simply because I have no red lipstick! Sad I know. After applying my face makeup as usual, I used blue eyeshadow and created a simple smokey eye and then removed the eyeshadow on my lid, close to my lashes (using a Q-tip soaked in eye makeup remover) and then applied yellow eyeshadow around the eye to mimic her eyes. I mixed both the blue and the yellow eyeshadow with a bit of water to make the colours more dramatic, but sadly it did not show very well on camera. Finally to make the whole look a bit more dramatic I used blue eyeshadow and a Q-tip to create some designs around my eyes. I created the arrows to symbolise her ability to change her form and the circles to fill in the space. (NOTE: My left side looks a lot better than my right one, please look more closely at the left :)) As a final touch, and because of my lack of red lipstick, I applied some lipbalm and then dabbed blue eyeshadow onto my lips.
All that was needed now was a camera and a fierce expression!
So here is my take on Mystique!

Products used:
GOSH Touch up concealer no5
GOSH cover corrector stick no1
L'oreal true match foundation in C1 Rose Ivory
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium
The Body Shop bronzing powder
The Body Shop cheek bloom in 02 dune pink

MAC e/s in Print
GOSH e/s Ocean Drive Quad (blue used)
GOSH e/s nr 283 (yellow)
GOSH Eye liner pen in black
GOSH Let's Twist eye liner in carbon black

I had a lot of fun creating this look. It's nice to come out of your shell once in a while and do something different and more daring!

It wasn't until I had taken the pictures and removed all of my makeup that I realise that I had totally forgotten to apply mascara! Hope you will forgive me, but since my lashes are pretty long and dark, I think I get away with it. Just to give you an idea of what my lashes would have looked like with mascara, here's a picture of my first attempt for the contest (which I didn't use because I didn't feel it was dark enough and I didn't have enough time to play with the symbols) The mascara (not) used is Maybelline Colossal Volum'Express

Thank you for reading this post! And thank you Mizz Worthy and Illamasqua for hosting this amazing contest!