Monday, 14 September 2009

Monkey Curls & Haulette

I've reached 20 followers! I'm soooo happy and so grateful to the 20 people who take their time to look at my blog, seriously as soon as I see I have a new follower I immediately check who it is and follow them back :)
There will be a giveaway soon, I'll be buying things this week/weekend so expect it sometimes next week.

Last weekend (I think) I picked up a couple of things I thought I'd share with you. I've also included mini-reviews on two of the products.

L-R: Bourjois Anti-Shine Blotting Sheets; The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream; GOSH Soft'n Shine Lipbalm in no 30 Barbie; GOSH Professional Powder Brush

GOSH Soft'n Shine Lip Balm in no 30: Barbie
Without flash

With flash

I got this after borrowing my sister's a couple of weeks ago. I really like it so far, it's not too pink and it feels soft and nourishing on the lips, plus is smells so good! I can't really describe it, it's a very sweet almost marshmallow-y smell. :) I really recommend it.

GOSH Professional Powder Brush

I got this because I was tired of using the same brush for my MSFN, bronzer and blusher. To be honest I'm not really to happy with it. Here's what it says on the packet:

"This brush is rounded and incredibly soft to work with. Ideal for all types of loose and compact powder. 100% natural hair."

First of all, this brush isn't all that soft. It's nowhere near as soft as my Body Shop face and body brush (or whatever it's called) and I've had that for over three years! It feels a bit rough against my skin and doesn't blend all that well, forcing me to use it for my MSFN, which is not what I intended it for when I bought it. The second thing is that it sheds quite a lot. I've only cleansed it once so far, so maybe it will lessen over time, but this is not the quality I was expecting, since I've been happy with all my other GOSH products. Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to go buy a MAC brush, or a second body shop brush!

And now on to the second half of the post.
This weekend was not fun at all! I spent all of Saturday and a bit of Sunday studying chemistry! Not much fun I can tell you. So on Sunday night I decided to pamper myself a little so I had a bath and applied some honey on my face. I also washed my hair, which is something I rarely do in the evenings, I am a strict morning hair washing girl (is that even a word? haha). The reason I never do this is that if I fall asleep with my hair even slightly damp it sticks out at funny angles and stays that way all day, forcing me to wet it again before going out, which rather defeats the point of washing it in the evening anyway. Usually I just sleep with my hair in plaits (braids) but they tend to fall out in the night. So last night I decided to try a very old fashioned way of curling hair over night: rag curling!
What I did is I got an old top which is too small (and has 'monkey business' written on it, hence the title) and cut it into ten strips, about three inches wide and however long the top was. I then proceeded to roll my hair by placing the centre of the rag over a strand of hair (the smaller the strand, the tighter the curls) and rolling upwards to my scalp. I then tied the ends of the rag into a knot and did the same with the rest of my hair. In case you're interested I did five rolls on each side, two on the lower layers and three on the top. I felt like someone from a Jane Austen novel when I was done! I then went to bed and unrolled my hair in the morning.
I thought I'd show you the results:

Sorry if I don't look happy, it was rather early in the morning!

I hadn't expected my hair to turn out so curly!
If any of you have, or are going to try this, I'd love to hear about it or even see pictures!
I couldn't be bothered to put anything in my hair to hold the curls in better, so now they have dropped a bit, but are still pretty curly. Next time I do this, however, I will apply some leave-in conditioner to the ends of my hair because they got a bit dry!

Hope you all had a lovely Monday, I'm off to study for a maths test (how I love to be a student!)



faith120604 said...

I thought about doing this over the weekend myself. I curled my hair a lot as a girl when I stayed with my grandmother, and she'd tell me about curling her hair in cloth or in little tin strips. You did a great job! The curls look very pretty on you.

Sorry to hear about the brush--maybe a few washings will ease the shedding. I'd love hear your review of the BS Seaweed face creme once you've had a chance to use it a bit. :)

faith120604 said...

OH! And congrats on 20 followers! :D

Lucy said...

Congrats on your followers! Love your hair like that. Good idea when you want to wash your hair at night. I put mine in a pony tail and then roll up the tail like a giant roll. I then use two giant bobby pins to pin the roll on either side. My hair is usually damp or almost dry when I do this. In the morning my hair is soft and wavy. My hair is a little bit shorter than yours.

Halifax said...

Michelle Phan did a video on no-heat curling, except she was using paperbag strips instead of rags :-) Don't know whether you've seen it

icecoldlily said...

@faith120604: thanks, and I hope the brush will stop shedding. I'll do a review soon. :)

@Lucy: Thanks so much. I have tried to put my hair in a bun, but it always falls apart because I move around so much when I sleep. I might try it again though. :)

@Halifax: I actually hadn't but thanks for telling me, I'll go check it out!