Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Belated LotN

Sorry for the lack of posting! I just haven't had much to post about and I've been swamped with school.
Just thought I'd quickly show you how I ended up wearing my makeup to that dance I posted about a couple of weeks ago. I decided to go with red lips and a very neutral eye, since the dress I wore was such a statement in itself.
I went to buy a red lipstick the day before the dance, and there wasn't much choice, but I got a Maybelline Watershine lipstick in Cherry Candy (number 80) and a lipliner from Gosh in Simply Red.
I'm quite new to lipsticks so I can't really give it a proper review, but I liked it. I might go to Mac sometime though and get them to help me choose a red lipstick, since I have no idea what undertones I have or whether a lipstick is blue or orange based. :)

I'll be doing a review on the John Freida shampoo I bought a while ago, probably later this week.

Hope you're all well and enjoying the beginning of winter!


PS I'm so happy! I won Tacky Blue Eyeshadow's giveaway. Her blog is amazing, and she recently posted pictures of all of her red lipstick and says what she likes about each one! If only I'd seen it before my dance.

PPS Oh! I just discovered the macro setting on my camera! So now I can take better close-up photos. Yay.


Kell said...

pretty! sometimes the simplest looks are the prettiest :)


Aralka said...

I like the color of this lipstick! You look very nice :)