Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Review: John Frieda's Luxurous Volume shampoo & conditioner

About a month and a half ago I purchased John Frieda's Luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner. I got the small ones (50ml) to see whether or not I liked them.

The shampoo

This is what it promises to do:
* Instantly activates the volume process in the shower
* The light-weight formula helps build hair's inner strength and fortifies fine hair
* Formulated with a fantastic cleansing ability to help remove build up that can weight hair down, leaving it squeaky clean with no feel of residue

taken from the John Frieda website.

My opinion
I can't say I was really blown away by this. The formula is very light, and it is great for removing product build-up; it really did leave my hair squeaky clean! As for the volumising bit, it did nothing. I have rather thick hair, but it tends to look flat and if I wear my hair down my ears stick out (which I hate), so I was looking for a product that would prevent that. I did not notice any difference in volume, but if you have fine hair, it might work for you.

The conditioner

What it promises to do:
* The Luxurious Volume Thickening Conditioner starts the volume process in the shower by strengthening and fortifying fine hair
* The lightweight conditioner revitalises fine hair without weighing it down and targets dry areas with needed moisture
* Helps reduce hair breakage, repair damage and enhances hairs elasticity
* Designed to improve manageability by smoothing away knots, responsiveness by adding body and bounce and ease of styling to promote healthy full-bodied shine
* In addition the unique formulation reduces static in fine hair and helps to prevent flyaways
* Adds volume and glossy shine

My opinion
This conditioner did nothing for me. It's not rich enough for my liking, you need quite a lot of it, whereas with my favourite conditioner, the Fructis one by Garnier, you only need a tiny amount. As for reducing hair breakage, I noticed that I had split ends (which I hardly ever get) after having been using this for about a month, though this may be due to the fact that I haven't had my hair cut in ages.
My hair tangles very easily and gets extremely static during this time of year and while using this it did not improve at all, again, my Garnier Fructis conditioner is much better at preventing tangling.

A couple of weeks after buying the shampoo and conditioner I got the thickening mousse, but I won't review it since I've only used it a few times.

All in all I wasn't blown away by these products, the shampoo is good at cleaning your hair, but didn't add any volume in my case and the conditioner did nothing at all.

However the packaging is nice and the product smells good. But I don't think I will be repurchasing.

I do like John Frieda as a brand though, I used their Curl Around line back when I had a perm and I love their Brilliant Brunette line (especially the smell!)

So that's it for my review, I hope it helped you if you are thinking about giving these a try, but keep in mind that everyone's hair is different and you might find that you love it!


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