Tuesday, 23 March 2010

TAG: Memories of makeup

Hello all.
Whilst on the bus on my way home today I made a mental list of what I needed to buy, makeup wise. On that list was a new mascara as mine has started drying up. Somehow thinking about the mascara led to me thinking about the first time I really played with makeup. So I decided to make a little post sharing my memory and thought I could make it into a tag.

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My best friend when I was little had this really cool makeup palette. It was shaped like a hat. When you twisted the cover it revealed many leaf shaped eyeshadows and under that layer there were some blushes and powders. We loved to play with it and especially loved to play with the eyeshadows. The kit also included a mascara. I remember trying to apply the mascara, it was the first time I had ever used one and I applied it to the back of my lashes, if that makes sense. My friend laughed when she saw me do this and showed me the right way to do it, and it involved very much eye poking.

So that was my first memory of makeup.
I would love it if you would write about your first memory (or just a fun story from when you were little) and post the link in the comment section, I will definitely read it!


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