Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Howl are you?

Hello all.

First of all, sorry for the silly title, I just couldn't resist. I was working on Sunday (I work in a shop that sells a bunch of cheap silly but cute things) and I had a little look through the basket of stuff that was broken and/or had been returned and I found the cutest little flowerpot! I realised that I could keep some of my makeup in it, and I just thought I'd show it to you.

It's a little owl! The only thing that's wrong with it is that it has a tiny little crack, but you can hardly see it. I'm keeping my eye makeup in it (liners, mascara, etc.).

On Saturday I popped into Topshop and bought a pair of sunglasses that I've wanted for a while. I broke my last pair (stepped on them, oops!) so I needed some new ones. I'm really pleased with them, they're quite big and have a flower pattern (which my mum insists aren't flowers, just blotches).

Closeup of the pattern

And here's a picture of me wearing them

It was my birthday yesterday (finally 18!) and I wasn't going to show you what I got (feels like bragging) but I thought I'd just show you what my brother and sister got me, 'cause it's makeup related.
I asked for the Reese Witherspoon perfume by Avon, because I'd been given a sample of it around Christmas and I really liked it.
And lo and behold, here's what I got

It's called In Bloom and I really like it. The bottle is made of glass but the top is plastic and shaped like a flower in bloom (hence the name)
It's quite floral, which is nice because I don't have anything like it. I have one perfume which is v. sweet (Vera Wang Princess) and one that is rather musky (don't remember what it's called and can't be bothered to look, sorry :) so it's nice to have one that is floral.
Here's the scent info:

Top Notes:
Georgia Peach Tea Leaves, Crisp Greens

Heart Notes:
Star Gardenia, Magical Magnolia, Night Blossoming Jasmine

Base Notes:
Cashmere Woods, Hypnotic Florals, Amber Wood Crystals

This means nothing to me if I'm honest, it does smell a bit peachy and there's another scent which must be Magnolia or Gardenia, but I don't think I've ever smelled either of those, so I can't be sure.
I like it anyway and will probably wear it loads. I got the 50ml bottle in case you're interested.

What perfume will you be wearing this summer?



Alice said...

I love your owl pot, it's so cute. I love things like this. I've started using a mug to keep my eyeliners in because I kept loosing them!

And that perfume sounds lovely, I love Reese Witherspoon x

Jean said...

Gorgeous glasses I really need some new ones my last pair were pinched at a house party I had :(. x

Bridget said...

@Alice, I also have a barbie cup that I keep my concealers and lipsticks in :) I love cutesy stuff. x

@Jean, aw, that's too bad! You should have a look at the topshop ones, they're really smart. x

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