Friday, 23 July 2010

Sigma Brushes - First Impressions

Hello all.

I got my Sigma brushes today! I had to run to my friend's house to get them because she landed early this morning and only had a few hours to spare before going abroad again for a week.
As you may or may not know, depending on how long you have been reading my blog, I have wanted the Sigma brushes since last August. I finally decided to get them now, and had them sent to my friend because she was staying in the US for six weeks and that way I didn't need to pay as much in shipping costs.

I had a bit of a problem when trying to order my brushes as I couldn't see any way for me to order and pay for them without having them shipped to me, as the billing address had to be the same as the shipping address. However, this problem was soon resolved when I emailed Sigma and asked them for help. They responded very quickly (within THREE minutes!) and told me how to solve the problem. The person who replied to my emails was very nice and polite, despite the fact that I sent her about four emails (my brain was being very slow that day).
So I want to say thank you to that person for being so sweet and I give Sigma a big thumbs up for their customer service.

I just wanted to share with you my first impressions when I got the brushes today. I'm not going to write a whole review because we've all seen so many of those and they pretty much all say the same thing, by that I mean that everyone compares them to the Mac brushes and lists what each brush does and such. I do, however, like hearing what people's favourites are. :)

The first thing I thought when I saw the brushes was 'YAY! Finally!' :)

The second thing was 'They're so small'

Now, I have decided that this must be due to the fact that I have wanted these brushes for so long that in my mind they had grown and become more and more wonderful with each review I read. (I know, I know, they're just makeup brushes)
But for some reason I thought that the brush heads themselves, (not the handles or anytihng) would be bigger. I was actually worried that the Large Angled Contour Brush (Mac 168) would be too big to use to contour! Now I know that it won't be, it looks the perfect size.
So this is not a bad thing about the brushes, it just shows how your own mind can play with you. ;)

The third thing I thoguht, while I was washing them was 'They smell awful.'
I had heard in reviews that they smelled bad at first, so I expected it. Hesitantly, I took a whiff, as soon as I first picked up the Large Powder Brush. It didn't smell too bad, there was a faint chemical-y smell, but that was too be expected. However, while I was washing them I took sniffed it again and it smelled awful. But again, this probably to be expected and I'm sure that with some use and more washes it will fade. I just hope that the smell fades a bit once they've dried!

The Large Powder Brush shed a few hairs while I was washing it, and so did two other face brushes, but it wasn't anything too dramatic. There were however a few hairs caught in between the handle and the ferrule, but I just pulled them out.

Regarding Mac comparisons, I only have the 217 which corresponds to the SS217 (it doesn't have a new name like the other brushes) and they look pretty similar, the brush head of the Sigma one is a little longer.

So those are my two cents worth on the Sigma Brushes. I've already washed them and painted the tips with OPI's Done out in Deco polish like my other brushes, so I just have to wait for them to dry before I can have a play!

Do you have Sigma brushes? If so, which one is you favourite? :)


Note: I did not acutally purchase these brushes with my own money, I used birthday money from my grandmother, but I ordered them myself :)

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faith120604 said...

I've wanted to try them for a long time too. Despite the convenience of being in the US, I find myself just defaulting back to the drugstore brushes I've collected. I'll be very interested to see your review once you've had a chance to use them a while. :) Great post!