Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cupcakes and Funnel cakes

Just thought I'd write a quick post before I head out dancing (although I really can't be bothered to go outside at it is pouring!)

I followed Missglamorazzi's tutorial for cupcake nails but as I had no white nail polish I used brown to make chocolate icing ;) I think it turned out ok, It was hard to do the scalloped edges, but I'm pleased. :) Looking at my nails now makes me happy :)

I also followed her tutorial for the funnel cake updo and really like how it turned out. It's super simple but looks like you made an effort. I used a ton of hair grips though, as I don't want it to come loose when I'm dancing.

In other news I used Lush's Fizzbanger bath bomb for the first time today. I only used about a third as I don't have a Lush store anywhere near me so I want it to last. It made my bath water turn a nice light orange shade and smelled lovely and citrus-y. Not sure about the gold glitter though!
I've just handed in an essay for English. We had to choose a book to read and write a report on it, and Never Let Me Go was on the list which was brilliant since I'd wanted to read it anyway. I've seen the film as well and to be honest the film made more of an impact on me, but maybe that's because I saw it before I'd read the book.

I have to go, for some obscure reason I'm crouched over on the floor with my laptop on my bed writing this, and it's starting to hurt :P
Hope you're all well, let me know if you try the cupcake nails or hairdo, I'd love to see pictures!