Thursday, 2 June 2011

Operation Hydration: update

Yesyes, I only started yesterday, but I still wanted to write an update.
I forgot to mention yesterday another symptom of my dehydration: dry lips. My lips are always dry, they have been for years and years. I apply lipbalm a few times over the day (my lipbalm of choice is the cherry carmex in a little pot) but this doesn't make much difference if I haven't been drinking enough water.
So far I've just finished my third glass of water today, and I had half a glass of yummy homemade apple and orange juice earlier as well.
I think I'm going to aim to drink four glasses of water throughout the day and then whatever I drink with my meals.
I haven't noticed any difference yet (and I didn't expect to), but I have noticed that I'm a lot thirstier than I have been these past few weeks. It's like when you don't eat anything for a long time and you sort of forget to feel hungry and then when you finally do eat something the hunger kicks in.

taken from weheartit

Coincidentally the Liz Earle newsletter appeared in my inbox today and in the 'Letter from Liz' she talks about the importance of staying hydrated! I found that quite amusing and actually enjoyed reading it as it talks about how much water is recommended we drink a day (1.5 litres) and the (misinformed) stories that went around on the internet saying that it was bad to reuse plastic water bottles because they had cancer-causing chemicals in them. Go read it, it's interesting. :)

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