Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Operation Hydration

Just too cute! Taken from weheartit

I have always had a problem staying hydrated. I think this stems form the fact that I don't drink fizzy drinks and never have, when I was younger my friends would buy half-litre bottles of coke/something similar and I would get juice, which was until recently (in my country at least) only sold in 250ml cartons or 1 litre cartons. So I usually wouldn't drink as much and didn't really think anything of it. 
Recently I think I've discovered a connection between the behaviour of my skin and how much liquid I'm consuming. At school I stayed very hydrated because we had a drinking water machine (which was basically just tap water, only cooler) and we'd go get a glass of water between classes. This stopped for a while after a practical biology lesson when we were supposed to take samples from around school and see what bacteria grew in them and my group (cleverly) took a sample from the water machine (the bit were the actual water came through). A couple of weeks later we saw the horrible amount of bacteria that had grown from the sample, and, although I am fully aware that the bacteria would die once in the stomach, I just couldn't bring myself to drink from the machine for the rest of that term. During the Christmas holiday they took the machine away to be fixed and I convinced myself that they'd cleaned it as well and managed to start drinking the water again.
Wow, that was a bit of a pointless tangent, anyway my point is that during school term I drank lots of water and stayed hydrated and my skin was in ok condition, although I had blemishes.
Right now my skin is incredibly oily, I mean seriously oily. A couple of hours after applying my makeup my forehead is shiny and the sides of my nose are very oily. 
And what's changed?
I'm not drinking as much water. It just doesn't occur to me during the day. I'll drink water or juice when I get something to eat, but then I'll only drink about a glass and sometimes won't even finish it. 
The way I think it when your body doesn't get enough water the skin on your body becomes dry, but the skin on your face and head (which has the most sebaceous glands) produces more sebum to make up for the lack of water, and this leads to oily skin and an oily scalp, both of which I've noticed have increased lately.
So what am I going to do?
Drink more water obviously!
However, I need to be careful not to drink too much, too much water intake can mess up your electrolyte  system and can even cause death (obviously in extreme cases). Also, I've found that when I gulp down large quantities of water at a time it just exits my body shortly later.
My plan, then, is to drink small amounts of water over the day (maybe half a litre over an hour for a few hours a day) and see if my skin improves at all.
I might even take pictures of my skin without makeup and a few hours after applying it, just to see how it changes (it it changes, maybe I'm just making things up here!)
I'll write a new post with my results in two weeks / a month, however long it takes to get results (or not get them).

Oh, and incase you're wondering why I'm making such a fuss about this and writing a post and not just getting on with, the answer is simple - I'm bored. I need something to fill up my time during the day. :)

And on that note, I'm done. Stay happy, healthy and hydrated :)


faith120604 said...

I think I'll join you on this mission. I was just thinking yesterday about this. I've transitioned to running outdoors and the heat here has intensified by dehydration. It's a great idea--mind if I mention it on my blog? I'd be happy to point folks back here to the source of my inspiration! :)

Bridget said...

@faith120604: Of course! Go right ahead. The more the merrier :) xx