Thursday, 16 June 2011

Playsuits aplenty!

Today I had the urge to buy some new clothes. I don't get this urge often, I often want new clothes but when it comes to actually spending the money I can think of a million other things I should rather be spending it on. So I hit my city's vintage shops with my friend, as all the highstreet stores here are ridiculously over-priced (Topshop over here is literally twice the price as in the UK!). The vintage/thrifty stores here are a bit strange, the charity shops are cheap but the other shops that sell second hands things are really expensive! So I only ended up getting two things, and they're both playsuits. I've never realised how clever these are before, they're perfect for dancing as skirts can end up being a bit...hazardous.

I really need to work on my camera face...

I think the second one might be good for my holiday in August, although I'm not sure I could get away with wearing just a bikini under it...I shall have to see. It has a zip on the stomach area that I think is meant to be hidden, I think I'll be able to iron it so that the fabric hides the zip, I think it looks a bit strange otherwise. It's also missing a button, which is why I was holding it in place. I thought I'd have to find one to go with it, but then I saw that there were two buttons fastened in the trouser leg so I'll just have to sew one on :) It's also a little brighter than what I'd normally go for, I usually wear more earthy tones, like the first playsuit, but I thought since it's summer I should go for something colourful!
The playsuits were both around £30, which is a lot for second hand, but still half the price of what I'd pay in Topshop here!



faith120604 said...

I love them both! The second is really playful and seems perfect for summer months. Great finds! (I never have much luck with second hand shops in my area.)

Bridget said...

@faith I'm usually hopeless at finding things and then my friends end up finding loads of stuff. But I think the fact that I was determined to get something helped :)