Friday, 15 July 2011

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon...

Hello there!
Before I start rambling I would just like to say hello to the people who decided to follow my blog after the lovely Louise of Sprinkleofglitter very kindly tweeted about it. This absolutely made my day as I adore her blog and her videos are always very fun (and funny!) to watch and her reviews are always very informative and helpful. So, Louise, if you're reading this, thank you again!

I'm currently sat on my balcony with my back to the sun so that I can see the screen on my laptop. Since the weather was so nice I decided to try and work on getting a bit of a tan before I go to Turkey in August. As the sun is so strong over there I want to avoid sunbathing too much but don't want to be my pasty self either! I made myself a watermelon and raspberry lemonade (recipe to follow shortly) and had some salt and vinegar crisps as well. I love salt and vinegar crisps, but they're pretty much impossible to locate here. Whenever I go to England I always buy loads of bags of Walker's salt and vinegar crisps at the duty free and generally get very odd looks from the person at the shop. To my surprise my mum actually found some in a shop the other day (not walkers ones though), but hasn't seen them there again.

Anyway, enough rambling about crisps, what else is new with me?

I saw Harry Potter on Tuesday. I went to a special preview where they were showing Part 1 and 2 together, so I spent about 5 hours at the cinema, but it was totally worth it! Most of the people there were die-hard Harry Potter fans (some even dressed up, I think the guy who dressed up as Dumbledore must have been very hot under the beard though) and everyone in the audience kept clapping and certain scenes. What really surprised me was some of the girls though. During a certain scene in the new film I could hear very loud sobbing. Not just crying, but actual having-difficulty-breathing-sobbing.
I could barely hold back tears in some places, actually I couldn't hold them back at all. I'm not going to spoil anything for anyone, but I'll just say that I was really pleased with it. Yes, they left some things out, but I think that they did the book justice.

Anyway, I think I'll leave you there, I'm boiling hot and in need of a cooling shower before I write my next post.
I hope you all have a lovely start to the weekend!


Zobo said...

Was Harry Potter good? Im too worried about going to the cinema to see it and balling my eyes out in front of everyone haha!!
Love your blog :)

Bridget said...

@Zobo Yes, I thought it was really good, the best of the films in my opinion. I saw it in 3D so my tears were conveniently hidden by the glasses ;)
And thank you for your kind comment :)

faith120604 said...

I'm holding off on HP7 for a few days--I can't take the cinema madness, Old fuddy duddy that I am. I'm so excited to see it though--glad ot hear it got your seal of approval!