Saturday, 27 August 2011

A look into my bedroom

I was woken most unpleasantly this morning by a very large fly buzzing very noisily around my room. I hate waking up to a fly in my room, I always freak out and think it's a wasp and throw my quilt over my head until I can make sure that it isn't. I then had to try and lure it out of my room and it took ages because it just kept flying at the mirror. I then found myself alone at home because my parents and brother have gone to a geothermal conference for the day. So I just stayed in my pyjamas all day and tidied up my bedroom. At one point I actually stopped tidying up and started taking pictures of random things in my room. I've been slowly adjusting to my camera and learning to use it properly, I had lots of fun playing around with the focus today, I love when something's in focus and the background's all blurry, I really want to find out how to do that when taking pictures of people, like you can do with DSLRs, but I think it's hard to do with a regular digital camera.
Anyway, I thought I'd post some of the pictures on here for you to (hopefully) enjoy. The pictures are very edited though, the lighting bit anyway, it makes them look a lot more interesting I think. :)

I really like the last one, the lights look really pretty out of focus. :) Let me know what you think, my parents are on their way back so I'm going to (try and) make myself look a little more presentable, I have my hair in a top knot and it's falling over my face!
Hope you're having a nice weekend!


kia said...

everything looks so nice! Is the chocolate frog from harry potter? It instantly reminded me of it! x

Bridget said...

@Kia: Thank you :) The chocolate frog is from Harry Potter, my friend went to the theme park in Florida and brought me back one. :) I got Helga Hufflepuff in mine (I wish I'd got Ravenclaw though!) x