Sunday, 28 August 2011

Mermaid inspired hair

Whilst doing my hair this morning I suddenly felt the urge to do something different to my fringe, which I'm growing out so I always need to pin it up. Normally I go for either a French twist type thing or I simply pin it up and make a small poof. Today however, I was inspired by the mermaids in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean and did five twists moving away from my forehead. I did one in the centre and then two on each side. I rather like how it turned out, it's something different. :)
Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing how it turned out. There's a weird blondeish tint in my hair in a couple of the pictures, I've no idea what that is, and I apologise for the not-so-nice looking lips, the decutan (accutane) is making them very dry. :( Also, I'm going to work in a bit, so that's why I'm wearing a boring black t-shirt. :)


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